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How do I know which wine I will enjoy?

If you have a wine you enjoy from the LCBO, let us know and we can research the best option for you to bottle a similar wine.

How long will wine last for?

That depends on a few factors: storage conditions, the type of corks you used, the amount of sulfites you added and the type of wine. Four-week wine kits will last 6-12 months, 6 and 8 week wines will last two to three years.

In what setting is wine best kept?

Unopened Wine

We recommend you store your wine on its side as to not dry out the cork. This is especially important to do for the first month after bottling to ensure the cork is saturated. Keep out of direct sun. A cold storage area or wine cellar are optimal but not necessary, store your wine in a dark cool place. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F.


Opened Wine

Keep the open wine bottle out of light and stored under room temperature. In most cases a refrigerator goes a long way to keeping wine fresh longer; even red wines. When stored at colder temperatures the chemical processes slow down, including the process of oxidation that takes place when wine is exposed to oxygen.

Do I have to bring my own bottles?

No. We offer bottles at a small fee. You are welcomed to bring your own bottles, however, make sure they have been sterilized and cleaned before coming to bottle your wine.

Do I have to bring my own corks?

No. We supply your corks to use in our corking machine.

How long does it take to bottle the wine?

Approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the individual. Our knowledgable staff is always there to lend a hand. We recommending bottling in pairs to share the work and the fun!

Are your wine labels included?

We offer labels at a small fee.
We also offer custom designed labels to turn your wine into gifts or party favors. Consult with us on your custom wine label before bottling.

What are grape skins?

Some of our wine kits come with crushed grape skins. The inclusion of grape skins during the fermentation process enhances the body, mouth-feel, tannins, color, and aroma of the wine. You’ll find the wines have more pronounced varietal character and are closer to wine produced from fresh grapes. If you are looking to take your craft winemaking up a notch, look for kits that include grape skins.

How many bottles will I get?

Every kit makes a range of 28-30 bottles.

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